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Some fun to start with
Travis Larson BandRate of Change LiveCounter Parts
Eric JohnsonAlien Love Child - Live and BeyondThe Boogie King
Michael's from Sydney
Michael DolceInterviewInterview
Michael DolceEverything Til NowWhy Not?
Michael DolceEverything Til NowI Gotta Go
Classic Aussies
Kahvas JuteWide OpenAscension
Kahvas JuteWide OpenParade of Fools
A little intense
Laurent Fleury / BumblefootContrastesUn Trou à mon Pantalon
Andy Timmons BandResolutionDeliver Us
The Hideous Sun DemonsThe Hideous Sun DemonsBrainwashed
Aaron Roten
Super-String-TheorySwimming in the Dutch MordantLinear A
Super-String-TheoryPrinciples of TransformationScary Dad
Liquid Note Records
Joel RivardJ.A.M.Lydian Field
Alessandro BenvenutiJ.A.M.S.L.O.W.
Milan PolakJ.A.M.Back on the Track
New Aussie tunes
Matty T. WallBlue SkiesCan't Stop Thinkin
Lloyd SpiegalBackroadsMan on Fire
From France
Sombre ReptileLe Repli des OmbresAutres Jungles