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Steve Passiouras

Producer / Host

I've always loved listening to guitars, and it never seemed to matter to me what style of music it was. When I was a little kid, I was playing air guitar on top of the monkey bars at school and fell off and cracked my head open. Apparently that explains a lot.

In what seems like a bunch of previous lives, I've been a games programmer, web site designer, systems analyst, software engineer, etc, etc... I've taught computer science and programming at various colleges, and I used to build amps and stuff.

Now I just hang around waiting for CDs to arrive in the mail.


Melbourne's fiercely independent community station

PBS-FM is an acronym for the Progressive Broadcasting Service Co-operative Limited. We are a not for profit public broadcaster and have been delivering under-represented music and arts shows to the Melbourne metropolitan area since 1979.

Our aim in life is to provide artists the opportunity to present their material to the listening community and, in turn to provide the listening community with material they would otherwise have difficulty finding.

PBS-FM is proud to present a diverse range of musical styles and specialist information about Australian and international music.