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Some Floyd covers
Bruce Kulick / Bob KulickA Collection of Delicate DiamondsHave a Cigar
Dweezil ZappaA Collection of Delicate DiamondsRun Like Hell
Steve LukatherA Collection of Delicate DiamondsHey You
New, with Steve Morse on guitars
Deep PurpleLive at Montreux 2011Hard Lovin' Man
Deep PurpleLive at Montreux 2011The Well Dressed Guitar
Frank playin' guitar :)
Frank ZappaGuitarVariations on Sinister #3
Frank ZappaGuitarSystems of Edges
Frank ZappaGuitarThings that Look Like Meat
Some AWESOME fusion
Al di MeolaCasinoChasin' the Voodoo
Billy Cobham / Tommy BolinSpectrumQuadrant 4
A litte shredd
Ron ThalGuitars That Ate My BrainDisengaged
Chris PolandGuitars That Ate My BrainL.D.E.
Ola Frenning & Christofer MalmstromGuitars That Ate My BrainHydra
more shred, with some flamenco mixed in
Marc RizzoThe Ultimate DevotionThe Ultimate Devotion
Oh how I like this
Vernon Reid & MasqueKnown UnknownThe Slouch
Vernon Reid & MasqueOther True SelfGame is Rigged
Vernon Reid & MasqueOther True SelfAfrerika
This too
GasHeadKnuckles avec SombrerosBenediction
GasHeadKnuckles avec SombrerosAtomic Gashead
Forget the beats, listen to the guitar!
Jake HertzogEvolutionTimeline