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Listen to this show now! (part 1)
Listen to this show now! (part 2)
Awesome new CD!
Marcel YammouniEclecticityFull Dirties
Marcel YammouniEclecticitySong for Linus
And a great new CD from George, Rob too
George LarinChameleonMajestic Reign
George LarinChameleonSpirits of Egypt
Rob StanleyThe Doorway in the DarknessThe Doorway in the Darkness
This is an all-Aussie show tonight!
Lucas MichailidisFreshwater RoadThe Muse
Lucas MichailidisFreshwater RoadJewels
To thank all the Fret Net supporters
James RyanBlown 2 Pieces DemoAcid Rain
James RyanBlown 2 Pieces DemoTill Death
Simon GardnerThe DragonIron Giant
Simon GardnerThe DragonBeginning
for signing during Radio Festival
The TranslatorsThe TranslatorsEl Viaje
The TranslatorsThe TranslatorsYum Yum Tree
You've still got until
Project 3Project 3Time Passes
Project 3Reflective ElementsNearly Time
On the VirgSerious Young InsectsMalfunction
On the VirgSerious Young InsectsInvasion of the Ants
the end of June
to sign up :)
MojoTapestryJam Donuts