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Mr. Satriani
Joe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?Gnaahh
Danny JonesFinding My WaySomedays Are Blue
Stoney Curtis BandAcid Blues ExperienceLast Train to Chicago
Andy TimmonsThat Was Then, This Is NowFalling Down
Chris BrooksThe Master PlanBlue Sky Odyssey
Jeremy BarnesOnThe Vertical Terrain
Steve VaiReal Illusions: ReflectionsLotus Feet
Brett GarsedBig Sky - Extended EditionDrowning
experimental acoustic
John DanleyCemeteries, Missed Trains & Blue SkiesThe Roger Waters Trolley (live)
John DanleyDrifting Into OblivionDali & the Hallucinating Bullfighter
John DanleyDurable AmericanaMysterious Girl with the Green Shoes
solo bass guitar, no edits or overdubs
Michael ManringThe Book of FlameNo Wontons For Elvis
Michael ManringSoliloquyExcuse Me, Mr. Manring
some nice long songs
Gianluca FerroInvolutionFocus
Akin EldesTürlüHayal Meyal
Rob BalducciThe Color of LightEmpress
before and after
The YardbirdsHaving a Rave UpShapes of Things
The Yardbirds / Steve VaiBirdlandShapes of Things
Robert Fripp / David SylvianThe First DayDarshan
See you next week
Guitar FarmGuitar FarmRoadster