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Simon and band will be playing Van Halen's first album at the Melbourne Guitar Show
Simon HosfordInterviewInterview
In case you need reminding...
Van HalenVan HalenEruption
Van HalenVan HalenFeel Your Love Tonight
Van HalenVan HalenI'm the One
Van HalenVan HalenRunnin' With the Devil
Michael's an awesome guitarist from Sydney
Michael DolceInterviewInterview
Simon plays on these
On the VirgThe Anatomy of LiveAlien Hip Hop
On the VirgThe Anatomy of LivePyramids on Mars
I remember this!
Rob BalducciThe Colour of LightEmpress
New album
Gov't MuleBring on the Music: Live at the Capitol TheatreThorazine Shuffle
Great blues from Rory
Rory GallagherBluesBullfrog Blues
A favourite
Mark WingfieldTales from the Dreaming CityThe Green-Faced Timekeepers
Their latest album
The AristocratsYou Know What...?All Said and Done