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All Aussie show tonight
PliniHandmade CitiesElectric Sunrise
Brett GarsedInstructional DVDFu'd Fight
Simon GardnerChoose Your Own AdventureThe Martian
James RyanTwelve Tall TalesAcid
Tim McMillanAfterpartySunset Maze
Opal OceanLost FablesSleight of Hand
Shannon Bourne62:49 LiveBailing Dry (Electric)
Shannon BourneWords FailWords Fail
Anthony GarciaMalili DreamingLove's Adventure
Anthony GarciaMalili DreamingLove's Reflection
Anthony GarciaMalili DreamingLove's Truth
Geoff Achison & The SouldiggersLive a the GHCrazy Horse
Matty T. WallBlue SkiesAm I Wrong
Mike ElringtonLive at the Flying SaucerBetter Days
Jeremy BarnesOnV-Blues
On the VirgSerious Young InsectsInvasion of the Ants
MontresorEntelechyFunkmeister Bullerene