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He's at the Forum tomorrow night!
Joe SatrianiWhat Happens NextEnergy
Joe SatrianiWhat Happens NextThunder High on the Mountain
Matthew at Deakin Edge on Friday
Matthew FaganInterviewInterview
The Aristocrats
The AristocratsThe AristocratsGet it Like That
These two, plus another two, playing at the Toff tomorrow night
Adam MillerInterviewInterview
Sonia SerinInterviewInterview
Too much goodness
Hellborg Lane SipePersonaeHell is Other People
Jason SaditesThe Learning CurveVacuous Truth
Even more
Buddy GuyStone CrazyWhen I Left Home
Gary Clark Jr.Live North America 2016Grinder
Most enjoyable
Eric JohnsonEurope LiveCliffs of Dover
Joe SatrianiSatchurated - Live in MontrealSummer Song
A fave
Animals as LeadersWeightlessCylindrical Sea