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All Aussie show tonight!
Geoff Achison & The SouldiggersLive a the GHCrazy Horse
James RyanTwelve Tall TalesTelebanger
Jimmy Lardner-BrownAmeliorationWaltz in C-Sharp minor OP. 12 No 2
Brett GarsedBig SkyBig Sky
Ian MossLet's All Get TogetherFlame Trees
Mike ElringtonLive at the Flying SaucerI Got a Woman / Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Tom FryerDirty MathBedford Avenue
On the VirgSerious Young InsectsSort Yourself Out
Jeremy BarnesOnStretchin' on the 9's
AvatarHandsSong for Piyarat
The TranslatorsThe TranslatorsTurquoise
Frank Gambale - Resident AliensLive BootlegsNothing Personal
Frank Gambale - Resident AliensLive BootlegsGoanna Logic
MontresorEntelechyThe Nolan