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Steve Morse on guitar
Deep PurpleThe Now What! Live TapesHard Loving Man
Clem Clempson on guitar
BakerlooBakerlooSon of Moonshine
Andy Timmons on guitar
Andy Timmons Band...Plays Sgt. PepperGood Morning Good Morning
Simon Phillips w/ Andy TimmonsProtocol IIIOutlaw
Three blues-rock players
Robin TrowerWhere You Are Going ToWhere You Are Going To
Alvin LeeStill On the Road to FreedomStill On the Road to Freedom
Leslie WestStill ClimbingDyin' Since the Day I Was Born
Shredders from 1988
Jason BeckerPerpetual BurnOpus Pocus
Marty FriedmanDragon's KissJewel
Vinnie MooreTime OdysseyThe Tempest
Mostly Zappas in this bracket
Oz Noy w/ Dweezil ZappaWho Gives A FunkDamn, This Groove
Dweezil ZappaConfessionsObviously Influenced By the Devil
Frank ZappaTrance-FusionChunga's Revenge
Covering Deep Purple
Dream TheaterMade in JapanSpace Truckin'
Who are these guys?
The Jigawatt TrioScenesFive Too Many