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A Melbourne band
MontresorEntelechyThe Madman
Vai on the Zappa tune, too
Steve VaiStillness in MotionThe Audience is Listening
Frank ZappaGuitarChalk Pie
Some of the best notes
Travis Larson BandSoundmindRise and Fall
Fabrizio LeoSpectrum of My PastAlien Abduction
Gerald GradwohlTritone BarrierJeff's Back
A little bluesy, a little rocky
Bernie MarsdenShineHoxie Rollin' Time
Blue Eyes CryPull Me InAlone
Ana & Milton PopovicBlue RoomDid Somebody Make a Fool Out Of You
Fiona Boyes, Mookie Brill, Rich DelGrossoLive From BluesvilleTwo Legged Dog
Paul Gilbert on guitar
Hammer of the GodsTwo Nights in North AmericaDazed and Confused
A nice jam
Johnny AOne November NightJimi Jam
Randy California on guitar
SpiritCalifornia Blues - ReduxSong For Clyde
Joe McGurkElementsWind (The Calming Violence)