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Jeff Kollman on guitar
CosmosquadLive at the Baked PotatoJam for Jason
Turn it up!
Al EstradaRiffageFreedom
Alex MasiLate Night at Desert's RimrockThe Smell of Weightlessness
Rob JohnsonRob JohnsonSoul Chuckles
They love their Paganini
Bernd SteidlBurnt SteelPaganiniana 1
Bernd SteidlBurnt SteelPaganiniana 2
Turn it up!
George LynchOrchestral MayhemRachmaninoff: Prelude in G Minor
Joe StumpGuitar DominanceSurvival of the Fastest
Michael Angelo BatioNo BoundariesRain Forest
Contemporary Australian classical
Aleksandr TsiboulskiAustralian Guitar MusicRoss Edwards: Blackwattle Caprices - I. Andantino molto flessibile
Aleksandr TsiboulskiAustralian Guitar MusicRoss Edwards: Blackwattle Caprices - II. Vivace
The Jeff Golub BandThe Three KingsSide Tracked
Jeff GolubBlues For YouThe Blink of an Eye
Michael Schenker :)
UFOOn Air At The BBC 1974-1985 - Disc One - 1974Rock Bottom (In Concert)
Michael SchenkerThank YouFaith & Trust
Michael Schenker GroupOne Night at BudokanAttack of the Mad Axeman
These guys...
Ron ThalThe Adventures of BumblefootBumblefoot
Mattias IA EklundhFreak Guitar: The SmorgasboardPeter, I Won't Drive Another Meter
BucketheadRacksThe Snow Rabbit
Jeff Kollman on guitar
Kevin ChownFreudian SlipArmando's Groove
Shawn Persinger on guitar
Boud DeunAstronomy Made EasyJupiter