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Guthrie, Bryan, Marco
The AristocratsCulture ClashLiving the Dream
Awesome 'Supergroup'
Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine SherinianLive in TokyoApocalypse 1470 BC
Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine SherinianLive in TokyoTony MacAlpine Guitar Solo
Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine SherinianLive in TokyoBeen Here Before
Go Eddie!
Van HalenVan Halen IISpanish Fly
Van Halen1984Hot for Teacher
Pretty damn good
Jazz Is DeadBlue Light RainBlues for Allah Medley
Dave LaRueHub City KidFool's Paradise
Acoustic duo, wonderful!
Larry Carlton / Robben FordUnpluggedThat Road
Joel RivardJ.A.M.Transcendence
Milan PolakJ.A.M.Perfect Angel
Alessandro BenvenutiJ.A.M.2 Sides of the Same Trouble
Mor egreat playing
JRZ SystemComplete RecollectionSafari Boots
The Hideous Sun DemonsThe Hideous Sun DemonsA New Day
Oh yeah!
Steve Fister BandLive BulletsAge of Great Dreams
Joe SatrianiLive in San FranciscoThe Extremist
Tony Mac on guitar
Devil's SlingshotClinophobiaBallade de Bastille