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Manu LivertoutThe Sweet PathOn the Edge
These all rock
Travis Larson BandTravis Larson BandA.D.D.
Jeff KollmanShedding SkinThe X Factor
Howard HartDancing Madly BackwardsPurusha
R.I.P. J.J. Cale
J.J. Cale & Eric ClaptonThe Road to EscondidoLast Will and Testament
Eric Clapton w/ J.J. CaleOld SockAngel
Lovely tune from Joe's new CD
Joe SatrianiUnstoppable MomentumThree Sheets to the Wind
Luminous Flesh GiantsThe Pride and the FallJourney to Rest of the World
CamelI Can See Your House From HereIce
CamelMoonmadnessLunar Sea
Yeah coool
Adrian LeggInheritanceMore Fun in the Swamp
Phil KeaggyJammed!Kegworth Speaks
Wolf MailAbove the InfluenceRusty Groove
On guitar...
Link XIIBack HomeKiss My Hands
Jens Johansson w/ Shawn LaneFissionHooded Strangers
Jens Johansson w/ Mike SternFissionRace Condition
Intense all right!
Carlos LichmanIntense Guitar PlayingIntense Guitar Playing