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For Neil Armstrong
David GilmourLive at the Royal Albert HallAstronomy Domine
David GilmourLive at the Royal Albert HallIsland Jam
Patrick DeCosteInside the UnsaidThe New Millennium
Robert DiMaioDeepin the MysteryDeepin the Mystery
Taz TaylorCaffeine RacerPot of Gold
Mr. Blackmore
RainbowLive in Munich 1977 DVDCatch the Rainbow
At ACMI later this week
Cam ButlerSave My SoulDesolation
Mr. Clapton!
The YardbirdsCrossroads 1Got to Hurry
John Mayall's BluesbreakersCrossroads 1Hideaway
CreamCrossroads 2White Room
Eric ClaptonCrossroads 3I Shot the Sheriff
Led ZeppelinThe Song Remains the SameThe Song Remains the Same
Much more modern!
Shane GibsonGuitars That Ate My BrainArtichoke Samurai
Mike OrlandoGuitars That Ate My BrainStomped
Hughes Lefebvre & Yann MouhadGuitars That Ate My BrainSchrodinger's Cat Paradox
These too
Chris Brooks / Joe ChawkiThe Alchemists IIUnruly Elements
Carlos Creator / Robert RodrigoThe Alchemists IISpace Antz
Milan Polak / Marco SfogliThe Alchemists IILast Minute Call / The Saviour
Frank ZappaGuitarWhen No One Was No One