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ex-Led Zep bassist
John Paul Jones / Trey GunnZoomaB Fingers
One instrumental, one vocal, both acoustic
Prester JohnDesire for a Straight LineMaking Circles
Prester JohnRise O' Fainthearted GirlsDomesticated
Dave Kilminster interview + tunes
Dave KilminsterInterviewPart 1
Dave KilminsterInstructionalFor the Love of God
Dave KilminsterInstructionalEruption
Dave KilminsterInterviewPart 2
QangoLive in the HoodBitches Crystal
QangoLive in the HoodDK Solo
QangoLive in the HoodAll Along the Watchtower
Dave KilminsterInterviewPart 3
Guthrie GovanErotic CakesEric
Dave KilminsterInterviewPart 4
Dave KilminsterScarletLiar
Dave KilminsterInterviewPart 5
Dave Kilminster & Murray HockridgeDemoWish You Were Here
Dave KilminsterThe AlchemistsIf the Moon...
Guitarist from Adagio
Stephan FortéThe AlchemistsThe Prophecies of Loki
His new CD
Curt ShawSilent AssassinCrops in the Fields