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Filling in for Burning Bitumen
The HauntedThe HauntedDemon Eyes
In FlamesTriggerWatch Them Feed
Arch EnemyWages of SinSavage Messiah
Fredrik ThordendalSol Niger Within Version 3.33Sensorium Dei
Animals As LeadersAnimals As LeadersCAFO
Animals As LeadersWeightlessWeightless
Jeff LoomisZero Order PhaseCashmere Shiv
Shadows FallThe War WithinThe Power of I and I
Shadows FallArt of BalanceWelcome to the Machine
CynicFocusI'm But a Wave To...
OpethWatershedHessian Peel
HellhammerApocalyptic RaidsTriumph of Death
Celtic FrostTo Mega TherionNecromantel Screams
DecapitatedCarnival is ForeverCarnival is Forever
NileBlack Seeds of VengeanceTo Dream of Ur
CathedralThe Carnival BizarreHopkins (The Witchfinder General)