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He's coming over next year with G3
Steve LukatherCandymanParty in Simon's Pants
Nice and a little progressive
Gordian KnotGordian KnotGalois
Gordian KnotEmergentA Shaman's Whisper
Gordian KnotGordian KnotSingularity
New 2CD live!
Steve HackettLive RailsEmerald and Ash
Steve HackettLive RailsFirth of Fifth
Guthrie on Guitar
The AristocratsThe AristocratsFurtive Jack
Guthrie GovanErotic CakesFives
From the first The Alchemists
Lyle WorkmanThe AlchemistsRising of the Mourning Son
Cyril AchardThe AlchemistsBarock
Magnus OlssonThe AlchemistsWhatever It May Be
Mario PargaThe AlchemistsValse Diabolique
Black SabbathParanoidPlanet Caravan
Akin EldesTürlüAgiparca
Tosin Abasi
Animals as LeadersWeightlessEarth Departure
My new favourite
Animals as LeadersAnimals as LeadersTempting Time