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I'll play something from Derek's new one next week
Planet XQuantumThe Thinking Stone
Derek SherinianPlanet XBox
BakerlooBakerlooSon of Moonshine
Birth ControlHoodoo ManGamma Ray
The Nuge!!!!
Ted NugentDouble Live GonzoHibernation
Ted NugentSweden RocksWang Dang Sweet Poontang
Finnish metal guitarists
Nino LaurenneGuitar Heroes 200712 Donkeys
Alexi LaihoGuitar Heroes 2007Sioux City Sarsaparilla
Mikko SalovaaraGuitar Heroes 2007The Mystic Castle of Dr. Shred
Luminous Flesh GiantsThe Pride and the FallWinter on the Sun
Rick GrahamRe-InventionZapp!
Jill YanB4Balcoon
Truth SquadSuperkillerRoad Raga Pt. 1
Truth SquadSuperkillerRoad Raga Pt. 2
Little proggy
Ken SnyderNevermoreFree Form
Also on their other album
KarmattitudeMelodic SoloistsFunky Satellite