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His earliest, and his latest. CD Give-aways!
Simon GardnerBig SkyVelvet Downs
Simon GardnerChoose Your Own AdventureNaut's Truck
A guitar solo album
Frank Zappa w/ Dweezil ZappaTrance-FusionChunga's Revenge
Frank ZappaTrance-FusionButter or Cannons
Frank ZappaTrance-FusionScratch & Sniff
CD Give-away!
Joel RivardJ.A.MGeneral Relativity Jam
Alessandro BenvenutiJ.A.MHot Room
Milan PolakJ.A.MThe Usual Unusual
CD Give-aways!
Carlos LichmanGenocideFrankenstein Baby
John 5The Art of MaliceWayne County Killer
CD Give-away!
Joe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?Searching
Joe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?The Souls of Distortion
CD Give-away!
Barrett TagliarinoThrottle TwisterBirds of Prey
Barrett TagliarinoThrottle TwisterDust Commander
Barrett TagliarinoThrottle TwisterRedheaded Rider
CD Give-away!
jrz systemComplete RecollectionStratus
jrz systemComplete RecollectionClusterfunk
Touring next year
Return to ForeverHymn of the Seventh GalaxyHymn of the Seventh Galaxy
Return to ForeverHymn of the Seventh GalaxyCaptain Senor Mouse
nighty night everyone
Jay ParmarStrange DayThe Final Chapter