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Brand new CD from Aussie guitarist
George LarinChameleonSwamp Stomp
Guthrie GovanDemosFives
Guthrie GovanDemosWaves
Guthrie GovanDemosWonderful Slippery Thing
Guthrie GovanDemosErotic Cakes
Only slightly on the heavy side
Patrick RondatAn Ephemeral WorldAn Ephemeral World
Sergio BussIncarcerated ScreamHundreds of Secrets Waiting to be Revealed
Emilio GarciaUltrabluesSueños
Salvatore RussoContactIt's Alive
William StravatoContactThe Creature
Some great players here
TempestGuitar Legends CD2Turn Around
Uli Jon RothGuitar Legends CD2Burning Wheels Turning
Marty FriedmanGuitar Legends CD2Lust for Life
More great Aussies
Project 3Project 3Flying
Project 3Reflective ElementsTension
On the VirgSerious Young InsectsTrencherman
classic old Blackmore
Deep PurpleConcerto for Group and OrchestraHush
Deep PurpleConcerto for Group and OrchestraWring that Neck
Alex Argento / Marco Sfogli / Fabrizio LeoEgoTime Warning