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Fast becoming an essential CD
Andrea OrsiniCloser to HomeIntro: First
Andrea OrsiniCloser to HomeClassmates
Another great Plankton CD
PlanktonOcean TalesSmall Steps, Giant Leaps
You can hear these tunes on the 3-CD set
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds and Silver LiningsOdyssey
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds and Silver LiningsThe Count of Tuscany (Instrumental)
Really enjoying this CD!
Rodrigo y Gabriela11:11Hora Zero
Some great players, a little fusiony
Alex Argento / Alessandro BenvenutiEgoMoving Around "E"
Alessandro BenvenutiSonic DesignThe Golden Cage
Alex Argento / Marco Sfogli / Fabrizio LeoEgoEmbrace to the World
Marco SfogliThere's HopeSeven
Mike's latest CD
Mike Stern w/ Eric JohnsonBig Neighborhood6th Street
Eric JohnsonAlien Love Child - Live and BeyondZenland
Tim DonahueFretless Guitar MastersAmbiguity
BumblefootFretless Guitar MastersRay Gun
Shreddy, and then acoustic
Francesco FareriSecrets WithinCircle
Francesco FareriSecrets WithinMasquerade
Francesco FareriSecrets WithinUndefined
Greg Howe contributes a solo here
Prashant AswaniRevelation: Fully LoadedHiding Under the Covers