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Doing some giveaways tonight, this DVD
Brett GarsedInstructional DVDGot the Horn
These CDs...
Joe SatrianiProfessor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of RockRevelation
Steve VaiPassion and WarfareThe Riddle
This 2CD & 2DVD...
Travis Larson BandRate of Change LiveBarrage A Trois
Travis Larson BandRate of Change LiveHeads or Tails
New Paul Gilbert and Freddie Nelson
Paul Gilbert and Freddie NelsonUnited StatesThe Last Rock and Roll Star
Paul GilbertGet Out Of My YardStraight Through the Telephone Pole
Paul Gilbert and Freddie NelsonUnited StatesPulsar
Paul GilbertSilence Followed by a Deafening RoarThe Rhimo
Beautiful playing
David GilmourDavid GilmourRaise My Rent
David GilmourAbout FaceLet's Get Metaphysical
David GilmourOn An IslandCastellorizon
New CD!
Vinnie MooreTo the CoreJigsaw
Vinnie MooreTo the CoreRemorse
New CD from Sepultura guitarist
Andreas KisserHubris IR. H. E. T.
Andreas KisserHubris IIHubris
Andreas KisserHubris ILava Sky
New CD!
Jim DaviesElectronic GuitarHot Shot
Jim DaviesElectronic GuitarSayonara
A great band
King CrimsonB'BOOM Official BootlegSex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
King CrimsonB'BOOM Official BootlegLark's Tongues in Aspic Part II
Acoustic :)
Keith CalmesStill Life and Simple DreamsFreight Train