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Rocking'! For Penny
Al EstradaRiffagePurple Sky
More.. Rockin'!
Pat HaslerVolume 1Pocket Rocket
Pat HaslerElectricRecycler
Oh, and next week, new timeslot
Tony Smotherman and Brain StationEmbracing the SpiritI Don't Understand...
Tony SmothermanThe Light WithinSpace Anthem
Well, same time, but...
Keith MillerOver the AbyssOver the Abyss
Ty OliverHeartstringsThe Dream of Love
HellmanFar East OdysseyLiberty
Different day
Grigoryan BrothersDistanceFrom a Dream
Wednesday nights at midnight
Leb I SolAnthologyKokoska
Leb I SolAnthologyDevetka
Leb I SolAnthologySkakavac
Or, if you prefer...
Simon Hoirup BandOpen UpFree
Simon Hoirup BandStrongly RelatedAesthetic Wave
Thursday mornings
Michael FixClassical FixLagrima / Paint it Black
midnight till 2am
Roland NippBy NightBy Night
Roland NippLittle VictoriesLittle Victories
I know it's late
Joe BonamassaLive From Nowhere in ParticularWalk in my Shadows
Joe BonamassaLive From Nowhere in ParticularSo Many Roads
But better than nothing
Marty FriedmanExhibit A - Live in EuropeStigmata Addiction
CacophonySpeed Metal SymphonySpeed Metal Symphony
See you next week!
Al EstradaRiffageThe Scorpion
Pat HaslerVolume 1Snowdown