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Title Track, great opener for tonight's show
Barrett TagliarinoThrottle TwisterThrottle Twister
Bass players
Billy SheehanHoly Cow!Theme From an Imaginary Sci Fi
Bryan BellerThanks in AdvanceCave Dweller
Martin MotnikBass InvaderWhere's the Referee?
New CD
Carl Verheyen Band / Steve MorseTrading 8sOn Our Way
Carl Verheyen Band / Robben FordTrading 8sNew Year's Day
Carl Verheyen BandTrading 8sEastern Steppes
He should be better known
Dave OdegaardSecond AttentionHallucinations
Dave OdegaardSonic SensationGlide
Dave OdegaardGravityFriction
Vernon Reid
Living ColourLive August 19, 2005Middle Man
Vernon ReidMistaken IdentityYou Say He's Just a Psychic Friend
Vernon Reid & MasqueKnown UnknownVoodoo Pimp Stroll
Vernon Reid & MasqueOther True SelfEnjoy the Silence
Ritchie Blackmore
Deep PurpleScandinavian NightsMandrake Root
It's mostly a vocal CD, apart from this
George Lynch's Souls of WeLet the Truth Be KnownUnder the Dead Tree