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What do you think of Joe's new CD?
Joe SatrianiProfessor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of RockMusterion
From his two previous CDs
Joe SatrianiSuper ColossalOne Robot's Dream
Joe SatrianiIs There Love In Space?Searching
From Paul's last two CDs
Paul GilbertGet Out of My YardThe Echo Song
Paul GilbertSilence Followed by a Deafening RoarPaul Vs. Godzilla
Steve Lukather has a new CD
Steve LukatherEverchanging TimesThe Truth
Larry Carlton / Steve LukatherNo SubstitutionsThe Pump
Steve Lukather w/ Steve StevensLukatherFall Into Velvet
Steve StevensMemory CrashSmall Arms Fire
Richie has a new CD
Richie KotzenLive in Sao PauloShapes of Things
Richie KotzenLive in Sao PauloI'm Losing You
Good stuff here :)
Michael Lee FirkinsBlacklight SonatasTheme From Sanford and Son
Michael Lee FirkinsBlacklight SonatasBlacklight Sonata
Michael Lee FirkinsBlacklight SonatasBlack Betty
Fripp is a favourite
Fripp / SylvianDamageDarshan