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Simon GardnerThe DragonThe Dragon
Brett Garsed (Aussie) and TJ Helmerich
Uncle Moe's Space RanchUncle Moe's Space RanchMinx
Uncle Moe's Space RanchMoe's TownInspired Weak
Four Aussies
SaffireRenaissanceGuinevere's Dream
SaffireNostalgicaHighway Star
Legendary Aussie
Ian MossSix StringsNever Before
Ian MossSix StringsPurple Haze
The Dave Hargreaves ProjectMaster of DisguiseMaster of Disguise
Xtreme MeasuresXtreme MeasuresTurbulence
Brett again
Brett GarsedBig SkyBig Sky
MojoTapestryJam Donuts
Aussie, contemporary classical
Anthony GarciaMalili DreamingLove's Adventure
Anthony GarciaMalili DreamingLove's Reflection
Anthony GarciaMalili DreamingLove's Truth
Awesome Aussie
Jeremy BarnesOnSleep
Jeremy BarnesDemoCairo
Another rockin' Aussie!
Pat HaslerVolume 1Some Nice Mocha