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Young lady from Adelaide
OrianthiViolet JourneyLights of Manos
Awesome Aussies (and an Italian)
Brett Garsed / William StravatoThe Alchemists IIStratosphere
Simon GardnerThe DragonGoliath
More Aussies!
James RyanLive to Air on Fret NetBeck to Front
Jeremy BarnesONv-blues
Even more Australian
Michael FixSomething's CookingOpposites Attract
Bruce MathiskeLive in IrelandManha Intro
Bruce MathiskeLive in IrelandManha de Carnaval
Mario Lattuada / Robert BratetichEl FuegoEl Fuego
Really nice palying by these Aussies
Wah Wah WillieCinemaLetter from Timor
Brett WoodTurn it UpHighway
Did I mention it's an all-Aussie show?
Graham GreeneLeap of FaceDown on the Farm with a Screaming Blue Gargoyle