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Super String TheoryPrinciples of TransformationPrinciples of Transformation
Keith MillerGroove TrainGrab It
Keith MillerChalkClock Talk
really nice playing
Greg RapaportAzrael BlockSkitzophraniac
Dave OdegaardSecond AttentionExtreme
Jay ParmarStrange DaySacred Serpent
you know these guys
Joe SatrianiStrange Beautiful MusicOriental Melody
Steve VaiThe Ultra ZoneOooo
Billy SheehanCompressionChameleon
listen to this!
Tuck AndressReckless PrecisionManonash
Mr. Schenker
Michael SchenkerAdventures of the ImaginationAardvark in a VW Smoking a Cigar
ScorpionsLonesome CrowLonesome Crow
Fripp & Belew
Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty GuitaristsLive!The New World
David Sylvian / Robert FrippDamageDarshan
Adrian BelewSide OneElephants
see you next week
Super String TheoryPrinciples of TransformationSeduccion del Prototipo