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Shawn's birthday: 21/03/1963
Shawn LaneThe Tri-Tone FascinationPeace in Mississippi
Brett talks about Shawn
Brett GarsedInterviewInterview
MVP: Brett Garsed & Shawn LaneCentrifugal FunkHey Tee Bone
Shawn's solo CDs
Shawn LanePowers of TenGray Pianos Flying
Shawn LanePowers of Ten; Live!Get You Back
Shawn LaneThe Tri-Tone FascinationOne Note at a Time
tribute CDs
Tony SmothermanShawn Lane Remembered Vol IMoonlane Sonata (Intro)
Double Heart ProjectShawn Lane Remembered Vol IIHardcase
Rusty CooleyShawn Lane Remembered Vol IEpilogue for Lisa
more from Shawn
Shawn LanePowers of TenWest Side Boogie
Shawn LanePowers of Ten; Live!Tri 7/5
Shawn LaneThe Tri-Tone FascinationKaiser Nancarrow
three great guitarists
MVP: Frank Gambale & Brett Garsed & Shawn LaneCentrifugal FunkLovestruck
with Jonas
Jonas Hellborg / Shawn LaneTime is the EnemyBarua A Soldani
Jonas Hellborg / Shawn LaneTime is the EnemyTime is the Enemy
Thanks to Diane Lane for the CDs
Shawn LanePowers of Ten; Live!Hardcase
just wonderful playing
Hellborg Lane Umamahesh Selvaganesh UmashankarIconMirror