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for quirkore
Kee Marcello's K2Melon Demon DivineCan I Be the One
haven't played this guy for a while
Rullianis this my guitar or an albatross?Eastbound by Midnight
only two...
JRZ SystemComplete RecollectionSafari Boots
The Hideous Sun DemonsThe Hideous Sun DemonsA New Day
...songs per set?
Mick CervinoOstinato9th Corrupted Evolution
Bill BurkeCommaIf A is B
normally i play three
Allen ROBOT Van WertROBOTLethal
Ryan FormatoOut of this WorldOut of this World
tonight's different
John 5VertigoNeedles, CA
John 5Songs for SanitySin
ok, so there's three in this one
Tom YoderThe Moment the Apple FallsThe Moment the Apple Falls
Tom YoderThe Moment the Apple FallsO'Coughlin's Reel
Tom YoderEat This It's SafeZen Parked on Z
back to two
Travis Larson BandBurn SeasonBurn Season
Travis Larson BandSuspensionAftertouch
but these ones are long songs
Marc Klock GroupTentacle DreamsTentacle Dreams
Jill YanGuitar Garbage 1.2The Detune
like, 7 or 8 minutes each
Electrocution 250Electric Cartoon Music From HellDr. Fluffels
have fun...
James RyanBlownSpace Talk