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this is a great CD
José de CastroMusic Guitar BoxThousand Words
The Generation Ibanez Project
Eric SandsAcross the MilesMoe
Ken BurtchAcross the MilesPlastic Sin
Steve StavropoulosAcross the MilesStagger Street
Travis Larson Band
Travis Larson BandBurn SeasonNevele
Travis Larson BandBurn SeasonBurn Season
Travis Larson BandBurn SeasonDirty Magic
Ohm:Amino Acid FlashbackTara
Chris PolandReturn To Metalopolis 2002Heinous Interruptus
New York Guitar Festival
Frank VignolaGuitar Harvest Volume OneMicro
David PattersonGuitar Harvest Volume OneWhite Summer / Black Mountainside
Keith Howland
Howland Imboden Project IILive at the Baked PotatoPhilly Blue
HLMPLive at the Baked PotatoYour Old Thingy
OK, getting a little weird
Michael NicolellaShardGRAB IT!
Back to regular programming
HessOpus 2Waves of Far Reaching
CosmosquadSquadropheniaCauldron of Evil
This is good
Jeff KollmanShedding SkinMy Guitar Gently Screams
Acoustic to finish up with
Lars Eric MattsonEarthboundSong of the Woods