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from Japan
Koji TsumotoSilk Road / Kinu Michi 2ndSilken Word
GuitarStewJim & JamShake the Groove
Guitar Farm / Rich Bandoni / Mike Varney / Jeff Watson / Steve MorseGuitar FarmFerrets
Danny JonesFinding My WayWhiskey & Me
Petrucci, by request
John Petrucci / Jordan RudessAn Evening WithIn the Moment
Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension ExperimentKindred Spirits
Mr. Brett Garsed (and TJ on the last one...)
Bobby RockOut of BodyLightworker
MojoTapestryJacob's Ladder
Uncle Moe's Space RanchUncle Moe's Space RanchColliding Chimps
Borg & VellaDream Out LoudKemmuna
James RobinsonJames RobinsonSan Martin
great stuff
Jay ParmarStrange DayEl Diablo
Rob BalducciThe Color of LightFalling Water
Neil ZazaMelodicaMelodica
Vai's touring band
Dave WeinerShove the Sun AsideLong Run
Billy SheehanCosmic TroubadourThe Suspense is Killing Me
Tony MacAlpineChromaticityChromaticity
Frank ZappaShut Up 'N Play Yer GuitarHeavy Duty Judy
Frank ZappaShut Up 'N Play Yer GuitarThe Deathless Horsie
cheers till next week!
Doppler, Inc.Nu InstrumetalFive Hi