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New Billy Idol CD
Billy Idol / Steve StevensDevil's PlaygroundScream
new stuff
Waldon Reed Jr.Guitar NoirReckoning
Bill BurkeCommaIf A is B
Jay ParmarStrange DayPerpetual Motion
Stoney Curtis BandAlive and UnleashedIn a Day
Stoney Curtis BandAcid Blues Experience(Take Off)
Stoney Curtis BandAcid Blues ExperienceAround the World
all acoustic, but very different
Paul AsbellRoots and BranchesHideaway
Mario Lattuada / Robert BratetichEl FuegoThat Was Now
John DanleyDrifting Into OblivionMortal Floods
Billy Idol / Steve StevensDevil's PlaygroundBody Snatcher
Billy Idol / Steve StevensDevil's PlaygroundEvil Eye
Eric Johnson
Eric JohnsonAh Via MusicomTrademark
Eric JohnsonVenus IsleCamel's Night Out
Eric JohnsonBloomGood To Me
Ray Fenwick on guitar
Ian Gillan BandLive at the BudokanClear Air Turbulence
Here's hoping the Discovery crew have a safe return home
Dimitris Pantazis - WayfarerCygnus X-1East of Hadar
Craig Macca McDonaldGalaxyGalaxy
Eric JohnsonBloomColumbia
good stuff
Blues SaracenoGuitar's Practicing Musicians Vol. 2Never Look Back (demo)
Reb BeachSmoke on the Water - A TributeFireball
till next time...
Stephen RossThe AlchemistsSchrodinger's Cat