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Neil Zaza's great CD
Neil ZazaMelodicaOn With the Show
Neil ZazaMelodicaThis Time
Vai and some artists from his label
Steve VaiReal Illusions: ReflectionsLotus Feet
Rob BalducciThe Color of LightI Bleed
Doppler, Inc.Nu InstrumetalStarcrossed Lovers
Ken's newy
Ken SnyderNevermoreVoyage To Nevermore
A little quieter
Pierre BensusanAltiplanosAltiplanos
Peppino D'Agostino / Stef BurnsBayshore RoadBeyond the Dunes
These guys rock, James is local too!
James RyanBlownBlown
Keith MillerChalkGrid Lock
Some of the best players
Allan HoldsworthAgainst the ClockTokyo Dream (Japan Version)
MojoTapestryJam Donuts
Joe is cool
Joe SatrianiIs There Love In Space?The Souls of Distortion
Joe SatrianiThe Electric Joe SatrianiDown, Down, Down
Jeff rocks
Jeff BeckJeffSo What