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RushDifferent Stages - LiveYyz
Living Colour
Living ColourTime's UpInformation Overload
Living ColourStainMind Your Own Business
Living ColourCollide0scopeFlying
Just got these
Neil ZazaMelodicaAll My Life...
Kevin M. BuckInitiationAstral Maze
Big Bang MethodBoom!Three Rivers
John Petrucci
Dream TheaterTrain Of ThoughtAs I Am
John Petrucci & Jordan RudessAn Evening WithTruth
Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension ExperimentUniversal Mind
Greg Marra
Greg MarraCollective DisorderA Swift Kick
Greg MarraCollective DisorderLucky 13
Greg MarraCollective DisorderJake's Song
Just got these
Vince LuPoneScreaming Into the AbyssScreaming Into the Abyss
Kevin M. BuckInitiationSlay the Dragon
AnandA Man's MindAttack Of the Horrible Space Babies
acoustic / classical
Roland ChadwickThe RevealingLetter From LA - Oscar's Last Stand
Roland ChadwickOneSong and Dance No. 1 - Dance
Roland ChadwickSize of the Earth for ComparisonElephant String
Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanIn SessionPep Talk
Albert King & Stevie Ray VaughanIn SessionBlues At Sunrise
Albert KingBlues At SunriseI Believe To My Soul
rush by request
RushDifferent Stages - LiveCygnus X-1
Joel RivardJ.A.M.Lydian Field
Alessandro BenvenutiJ.A.M.Hot Room
Milan PolakJ.A.M.Perfect Angel
great players
John 5VertigoSugar Foot Rag
Electrocution 250Electric Cartoon Music From HellDr. Fluffels
Joel HoekstraThe Moon Is FallingFire Island
i'm enjoying the show
Neil ZazaMelodicaVery Important Cat Things
HessOpus 2What Could Have Been� And What Is Not�
Joy BasuSinErgyReJonmo (Original Mix)
Koji Tsumoto
Koji TsumotoSilk Road / Kinu-Michi 2ndOrient
Koji TsumotoSilk Road / Kinu-Michi 2ndPersian Sky Over Alborz
Koji TsumotoSilk Road / Kinu-Michi 2ndQuantam Leap
Koji TsumotoSilk Road / Kinu-Michi 2ndRoad of the Faith
Joe Satriani, touring soon
Joe SatrianiIs There Love In Space?The Souls of Distortion