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Jeff BeckJeffMy Thing
The Spring
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Prelude To The Seasons
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Venga La Primavera
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>April Rain
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>The Triumph Of Spring
some blues
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleIn The BeginningLive Another Day
Peter Green Splinter GroupReaching The Cold 100 Bonus EPBlack Magic Woman
The Fabulous ThunderbirdsThe Fabulous ThunderbirdsWait On Time
most impressive
Greg RapaportAzrael BlockUncle Knucklez
Project SteigerDefiancePersuasion (by Santana, w/Gary Hoey)
Tony MacAlpineViolent MachineViolent Machine
virtuosos or is that virtuo-sos?
Steve VaiFlex-AbleThe Attitude Song
Joe SatrianiSurfing With The AlienSatch Boogie
Planet XMoonBabiesDigital Vertigo
The Summer
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Tales Of The Summer Wind
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Thunder In July
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>The Tempest - Tuona e Fulmina
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceBand Of GypsysMachine Gun
MetallicaMaster Of PuppetsBattery
Metallicathe black oneThrough The Never
MetallicaSt. AngerShoot Me Again
listen & learn (or weep)
Rullianis this my guitar or an albatross?Eastbound By Midnight
Patrick DeCosteDemoBreaking The Scene
The Autumn
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Cheiron and Selenos
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Teardrops In October
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Artemis
Deep Purple
Deep PurpleCalifornia JammingYou Fool No One / The Mule
rock rock rock
Jimmibeetles Rock TheatreAmerican RuinsFalls The Time
Lynch & PilsonWicked UndergroundBreath & A Scream
Mister KiteBox Of FearHow Long
The Winter
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Ice, Wind & Fire
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Sleighbells at Yasnaya
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>War Of The Winds
Uli Jon Roth<METAMORPHOSIS>Thunder Cadenza
the rockingest dudes
Bill LoneroSlatherSlather
Keith MillerGroove TrainImagic
Ken SnyderOneEpic
so you thought you could play?
Ryan FormatoOut Of This WorldShred Dominates
Paul NelsonLookFull Blast
Pete LarameeAlone But Not LonelyCharlie Brown Wins The Lottery
only slightly unusual
Alien CowboysLiftEscape From ONLYON
Jill YanGuitar Garbage 1.2Techexperience
strat attack